Choose a Career Working from Home:
Build an Exciting and Profitable Online Business
Sending Cards and Gifts

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so
you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

Imagine owning your own business…a business you can
run online anytime, anywhere…a business that requires no
investment in physical products…a business that offers
a unique greeting card service with almost no competition.


More people than ever are interested in earning money working from home: stay-at-home Moms wanting to limit the number of hours they work; college graduates needing to bring in income; those who’re tired of the corporate grind and simply want the freedom to set their own hours; and many others.

My name is Lynn Huber and I’d like to introduce you to an Internet-based greeting card and gift service, SendOutCards. This product makes it easy for you to earn an extra $100, $500, $1,000 or more every month working from home whenever you want…and to still have time for fun, friends and family.

Imagine a business where you build a team that
“makes a living through giving” and
making people feel appreciated!


My husband, Richard, and I have witnessed the power of the SendOutCards service to change lives and bring joy to thousands of people.

The cards cost much less than you’d pay at the store. It’s quick and easy too. Go online, select a card from over 15,000 in stock, type in the text, add your own photo or picture if you want, click ‘send card’, and the company prints it on high-quality card stock, stuffs it in an envelope, stamps it and mails it. And they’re traditional, printed greeting cards, not cards that come by email. The recipient gets a letter in their physical mailbox (and it’s not a bill or a piece of junk mail!)

For that special person who deserves more than a card, we have a gift store too.

Of course it’s easy to send a card by e-mail, but…

  • These days people complain that they’re swamped with emails, and often don’t read them anyway. Many people tell us they prefer to receive a real card in the mail, with a personal signature on it.
  • Sending a physical card makes you stand out as a caring person, who takes time and makes the effort to stay in touch.
  • You can send a beautiful printed card even on the spur of the moment. When you decide at midnight you’d like to send a card to your favorite aunt, you don’t have to rush to the store. It’s all there online via your computer.

This Internet-based business is easy to promote

If you’ve been involved in other network marketing businesses that didn’t work for you, relax! Our experience is that people who weren’t successful in building a team in other network marketing or MLM ventures, are making it in our company.


  • People LOVE the product. Who doesn’t like to receive cards in the mail?
  • The system is easy to understand and easy to explain to potential team members. There’s no high-pressure selling needed because the benefits are easy to see.
  • Prices are lower than store-bought cards: nobody will complain about the pricing. Building your business becomes easy and fun.
  • The initial start up cost is low.
  • The cards are environmentally friendly – over 40% of all traditional greeting cards are never sold and end up in landfills. With SendOutCards you print on demand using recycled paper and acid-free inks.
  • This is a ground floor opportunity: there are fewer than 150,000 distributors worldwide.
  • International expansion plans are in the works.

As you build your team, your income grows: our company pays you a monthly referral bonus on orders placed by everyone you refer. Our compensation plan works on many levels, not just for those at the top

7-10 hours a week is all it takes.
Over time you can build a thriving business.
Now is the time to choose a career that’ll lead you to
the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.


As you begin your business journey,
please know that you are in business
for yourself, but not by yourself!


Richard and I built a business that was worth over a million dollars and won many awards in network marketing. We’re behind you with our experience as you jump in and get started.

  • You’ll learn methods that work – because we’ve used them to be successful ourselves. And they are methods that are respectful of other people…we don’t believe in bugging or harassing your friends and family. You don’t have to be a high-pressure salesperson to build this business.
  • You’ll know exactly how to train your new team members and get them started on the path to a profitable business too.
  • We stake our reputation on our support and training, and on being there for our team.
  • We don’t force you into our way of doing business. We help you set up a business action plan that works for you and your lifestyle.
  • Your success determines our success. We’re not a “sign ‘em” and “leave ‘em” team: we’ve built our reputation on integrity, leadership, support and follow through. That’s how we’ll help you build yours.

The SendOutCards support system is unmatched in the industry. Yet we know that people learn in different ways. Whatever your preferred method of learning, our training offers a variety of possibilities to choose from so you get all the information and support you need in the way that works best for you.

“But I don’t know anyone who’d be interested…”

As you think of building your team and customer base, you may be wondering: “How will I find people who’re interested in sending out cards and building a home-based business?”

I’m sure you know a doctor or an attorney, who wants to build their practice by keeping in touch regularly with their clients. Or someone at your children’s school, at your church or at sports club, who’d like to earn extra income…those are all potential customers or team members.

When you start to make a list, you’ll be surprised at the number of people who could benefit from SendOutCards. We’ll put our heads together with you and help brainstorm other ideas too.

What’s the next step?

Richard and I appreciate you taking the time to find out about our business. We welcome you to share your dreams and goals with us. Let us help you achieve them by working from home with SendOutCards.

It’s all there for you…it’s up to you to reach out for it…and we’re beside you all the way.

Are you already sure that this is right for you?
Then go here to get started immediately.

Or request an information pack that gives more details.

If you’d rather talk to live person, call us at (805) 323-5850 (in California, USA).

Our success comes from helping others achieve what they want. We’ll help you too. It’s simply part of our business philosophy.



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