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Send Out Cards to Your Friends, Family
and Others From Your Own Custom
Greeting Card and Gift Business


Are you familiar with the term “Appreciation Marketing”?  Our exciting business is based on the principles of gratitude and appreciation, and truly offers a Win-Win for everyone!  Building better and stronger relationships with your clients and friends is more important today than it ever was before.

How would you like to own your own Custom Send Out Cards Greeting Card Business?

What if you could reach out in kindness every day to others when you send out cards – celebrating their lives with pictures, gifts and the written word — and be able to make a great living at it?  What if that living provided you with a lifestyle of financial freedom for you and your family for decades to come?

How about being able to send out cards, personalized to your recipient by you, stamped and mailed for less than a dollar?

Imagine the difference you can make in someone’s life with something as simple as an unexpected card and sentiment!

Greeting CardsPick a Card — Any Card! This revolutionary option offers you a quick and easy way to send out cards — actual greeting cards –from an online catalog with thousands of cards — add a personal message and have it mailed for you via U.S. Postal Service.  SendOutCards professionally prints the card with your personal message, stuffs the card in an envelope, places a stamp on it and drops it in the mailbox for you.  It’s a real paper card beautifully printed on card stock, with your own handwriting font if you choose, and sent via good old-fashioned postal mail.

Imagine owning your own well-stocked “gift shop” open 24 hours a day, and invite others to do the same, all across the world? Choose from a variety of gourmet foods, snacks and goodies; motivational and educational books; novelty office products; gift baskets; gift cards; baby, pet and holiday gifts and more!  And the best part… there is no need for you to maintain any inventory.  This is all handled for you from our state of the art facilities.

send out cardsImagine a business where your monthly autoship is used to surprise and thrill your friends unexpectedly; show your appreciation to customers and business associates and introduce our business concept to those who are looking.

Imagine teaching others to do this? You will have the ability to help others increase their business… or their income – just by doing something as simple as sending a card.  Can you see how huge this is going to get?  No wonder they are calling it the “NetFlix of Greeting Cards”!

Some of the things we offer:

  • A “Feel-Good” Business and Product that allows you to change lives when you send out cards
  • Deep Discounts for Customers and Distributors
  • Training on Outstanding Customer Care and Retention
  • Unlimited Income Opportunity from Home for Those who are Interested
  • An International Opportunity with Further Expansion Plans
  • A Business that Appeals to Every Demographic