Our Team Commitment to You!


Richard and I are committed to working with you one on one and to coaching you on business methods that work.  Many network marketing sponsors have a “sign ‘em and leave ‘em” policy.  That’s not our style. We built our reputation around support, training and being there for our team members and that’s what you can expect from us too.

The Send Out Cards Basic Training System has proved itself successful over and over again.  We guarantee that if you follow it, you WILL be successful. And we’re here to guide you through it.

How we support you

Here’s what you can expect when you join our award-winning team:

  • One on one coaching by Richard or myself
  • Availability for 3-way calls to prospective customers and entrepreneurs
  • A weekly team call
  • Online business building training
  • In-person monthly seminars and training around the country
  • Company webinar trainings twice monthly
  • An annual convention

In addition you have the opportunity to win:

  • Quarterly challenges and prizes
  • An annual trip for top earners and challenge winners.

Our philosophy on being sponsors

We have a strong opinion about what it means to be a responsible sponsor. As a husband and wife partnership, we’re also clear on the specific role each of us plays in supporting our team.

We’d like to share with you our views on sponsorship as well as our vision for our team.

  • A strong sponsor offers value to each individual and to the team.
  • Our goal as your sponsor is to set you up with a business action plan that works for you and your lifestyle. We don’t push you into our way of building your business.
  • We don’t only talk the talk, we walk the walk – with you as a partner we share and support each other.
  • We believe that “givers get.”
  • We set goals and encourage and support each other to see them through.
  • We do not compete with you: we KNOW there are more than enough people out there for each one of us to build the type of business we want.

We protect the integrity of the company and of network marketing in everything we do. That means we can look ourselves in the eyes each night before we go to bed and feel good about our thoughts, our actions and our beliefs.

In a nutshell: we believe in support, integrity, leadership and follow through. We’ll never leave you with unanswered questions or wondering what happens next.

Each member of our team is a partner in our success

We never forget that. Yes, we work hard and we’ve taken action to get where we are today. Yet we know that we can never lose sight of where we came from, what it took to get where we are, and the role that each team member has played in our success.

And that’s a win-win. For us, it’s the only way to be successful in business.  If we forget this, our business is doomed.

We welcome you to share your goals and dreams with us as well as your commitment for your team. We stand behind you as you journey to achieve them.

So, we hope you’ve captured the heart of what we’re offering. You’re standing on the threshold of a grand adventure. Even better, you’re poised to reap huge benefits from a company that’s expanding  rapidly and positioned for massive growth – both in the USA and internationally.

It’s easy to get started…

  1. Complete the form below with your details.
  2. We will immediately email you information on the business and a direct link to a website where you can set up a free account to test drive our product and service.
  3. Within 24-48 hours of the next business day, we will mail a sample of our products to you.
  4. Then, we’ll schedule a time to get together by phone to walk you through the process of sending a card from your own computer. You’ll experience the ease of our automated system by mailing a “random acts of kindness” card to someone you care about (at our expense). This powerful, hands-on experience will answer many of your questions. You’ll see how much fun it is to make a difference in the lives of others with such a simple gesture.

…and you’re on your way!

Take action NOW!

Don’t sit back and wait for something to happen. Reach out and grab what’s there for you now. It’s your decision…and you won’t regret it.

Think about people you know right now who could use this service. Think about people you know who’d like to earn an extra income, have a business of their own, and take advantage of Internet tools to build that business. They can be part of YOUR team.

Are you ready to be part of a fast-growing, committed and successful team? If so, we want to hear from you.

Do it now. Fill out the form below so that we can explore the possibilities of partnering with you.