Team Building

What is Team Building?  Network Marketing?  What is MLM?

Great question; and one that many have a hard time explaining. In a nutshell, our company will pay you a monthly referral (or thank you) bonus on the orders placed by everyone you refer to this business!

Imagine this – you get started in your business; have some fun; make some money; and find some loyal customers. As you are having fun and making money in your business, one of your customers calls and says – “I really love these cards and I would like to have my own business from home. Is there a way I can do this too?”

The answer is YES! So you are going to send your customer to your company website to get signed up right online; and when he/she does, the company is going to send you a check. You might be surprised how many people may come to you about joining once they experience our products.

When was the last time you recommended a good book, restaurant or movie to a friend? How often do you do that? Probably pretty often, right?

But, when was the last time the publisher, restaurant or movie producer sent you a “royalty” check for the referral? Probably, never.

Well, despite the way things usually are, the idea behind what is now the fastest growing home based business trend in America and around the world, Network Marketing, is that if you get paid for recommending things you like, use and believe in, you’ll do this more and more! And, you’ll probably find some others that want to do the same thing.

How many people do you know who may have an interest in working from home? And, how fast will you let these people know about your business? Well, the faster you do, the faster your monthly commission (or residual) check will grow.

If you’ve been involved in other Network Marketing businesses, and you had challenges getting others interested, relax! We are finding that people who have never had success building a team or sponsoring in other Network Marketing / MLM ventures are having success with our company.

Why? We offer a simple product that people already use and love; we offer a way for people to put cash in their pockets instantly; we offer true training and support, not empty promises. And, we have a pay plan that works for more than just “those at the top!”

Team Building is about sponsoring others onto your team. It is not about bugging, harassing, or chasing your family and friends. You’ll learn some great techniques to notify others about your card & gift business and then the decision to get involved is up to them. We aren’t in this business to make money by begging others to buy our products or to join us in business. We don’t need to.

Take about 20 minutes to watch a movie that explains Network Marketing thoroughly>>>>>

What questions do you have about this part of our business? I would love to get them answered.

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