Your Why That Makes You Cry

If you’ve been around the home business industry for long, you’ve probably heard the phrase, find the WHY that makes you cry.”  That is good advice because your goal needs to be incredibly important to you.

It doesn’t have to make you cry, but it does need to mean a lot.  Without a goal that is held deeply in your heart or one that you’re not one hundred percent committed to, you’ll likely waiver when the challenges arise (and they will!).

I sort of fell into Network Marketing.  I didn’t really have such a serious why.  But once I was in and found more success than I ever imagined, I started to create visions of what could be.  Wow!  I could not have to work 60-70 hours a week, on top of commuting 90 minutes each way to work.  I could not have to have a boss telling me when I could travel and when I couldn’t.  I could not have to get up at 5:00 every morning – I’m definitely NOT a morning person 🙂

But now I had things to get EXCITED about!  I could invision a future in which I could sleep in if I wanted to.  I could travel whenever I wanted, and I could live my life on my terms.  I hadn’t realized how much of my life was being wasted while I was working for someone else, and now I could live my life and enjoy every day!

•  So what excites you?

• What do you dream about?

• What do you love so much that it wakes you up at night?

• What do you think about so much that you would do pretty much anything to make it happen?

• What would you do with your life if you had all the time and money you needed and neither of those were an issue?

Whether your why comes from tears or joy, my dream for you is to find you WHY and achieve everything your heart desires!

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By Lynn Huber