Wow! New Retail Package Announcement

This week, Send Out Cards made an incredible announcement which is going to be a game changer!  The new Retail Package now includes the complete Contact Manager with Picture Plus 2.0!  New customers can now start at no cost to setup an account and purchase points as they need them.

Even better… now, for as low as $9.80 a month, customers can send up to 10 greeting cards for less than a buck each!  That’s it – the $9.80 includes the price of the card!

This is an exciting move by Send Out Cards!  Because of the “pay as you go” subscription, Send Out Cards is expected to explode in customer sales and grow even faster.  This move is going to transform the greeting card and gift industry like none other.  The Internet makes it easy for more people to send and share digital images and greeting cards with a click on their mouse.

We’ve seen this growth with Netflix and we are now seeing it with Send Out Cards.  This new retail pricing structure has removed all barriers for membership and now everyone can brighten someone’s day from the comfort of their own computer.

Imagine how you might grow a fun, profitable card business just by sharing this tool with others and helping them get on board! We are a company with REAL customers – people who use the service because it is useful, affordable and they love it. Not just to get paid in a compensation plan!  It’s never been easier to start a home business with Send Out Cards. Give me a call and let’s get you started or click here to send a FREE card on me.