Why We Chose This Company

For the past three years SendOutCards has been a large part of our success in our other business.  We used SendOutCards to send cards to our team members for birthdays, anniversaries, to “catch them doing something right”, etc.  It really helped us stay in close contact with our team as well as our customers, and to build those important relationships.  We loved everything about SendOutCards – the attitude of giving that permeated the company, the company philosophy… everything about the company came from a base of caring and giving.  We never looked at the business side of SendOutCards because we were totally focused on our current business.

As time went by, we started getting leads from the internet from all over the country, and even from other countries.  The internet part of our business was really growing and our current company wasn’t growing with us.  We also started realizing that our current company gave us the financial freedom, but not the time freedom that we are now craving.  So we took a look at the business side of SendOutCards.  We are so excited about the opportunity that Send Out Cards has given us.  We are already beginning to experience the time freedom as we build our business online and by phone!

As the Internet grows, and Generation Y and others turn to it to find and start a business, there is so much potential online!

Many people are looking for a program that complements their existing one.  They’re looking for ways to stay in touch with their team and their customers just as we started out doing.  And some people are looking for another income stream that won’t conflict with their present one.  We see this business as the perfect complement to run alongside, or even to enhance other businesses.

And there is no other business like this.  People are busy and having an online greeting card company is the perfect answer to being sure your cards are sent out in an easy and timely fashion.  SendOutCards is in the perfect position to quickly become the NetFlix of the greeting card business.  Richard and I are excited to be right there ready for the explosion!  🙂

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