Why SendOutCards and Why Now

Scott Merker was recently a guest on a conference call.  On this call, he talks about why SendOutCards, and why NOW!

Scott talks about how SendOutCards is a business that provides you the warm, touching side of the business that you generally don’t get anywhere else; while at the same time, how this business can help you make money in a way that’s faster and easier than pretty much every other business.  He talks about the competition that’s currently lacking in our SendOutCards business and why that’s important.  And he talks about where he sees SendOutCards going in the future.

Scott also explains that it will take you 2-5 years to build a strong base in your network marketing business (regardless of the company).  He also explains how to know if it will take you closer to two years or five years.

What a great call it was!  You can listen to it here: