Why I Love SendOutCards and MLM

Since I’ve been in MLM, I’ve probably done more traveling and vacationing than I’ve done in the rest of my life!  I’ve been to Alaska, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Mexico, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Germany, many exclusive resorts, and many, many cruises!

I’ve made so many friends in my SendOutCards business, and from the many MLM events I’ve gone to.  I now have good friends all over the country and in the United Kingdom and Singapore – friendships that will last a lifetime!

I’ve received an amazing amount of recognition both with SendOutCards, and with my prior company Avon.  I’ve been paraded across the stage in front of thousands of people, been applauded by my peers, and just made to feel like I was really special!

If you haven’t looked at MLM, maybe now is the time to so.  Not only will it bring many financial rewards, but it will also bring so much more.  When was the last time you were applauded when you walked in the door?  Or told how special you were?  These are just a few of the incredible benefits of belonging to an MLM family.  I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

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By Lynn Huber