What Sets Business Professionals Apart?

Today we live in a Google world.  Pretty much any product you sell or service you offer can be found online better and cheaper than you can offer it.  What are you doing to keep your customers coming to you?

Appreciation Marketing can bring “high-touch” back into this “high-tech” world.  Building relationships with your client base is more important now than ever before.  You may or may not realize it, but the superstars in your industry are already building customer relationships into their marketing plan.

What do you do to set yourself apart?  Most people have good intentions, but admit that they’re horrible with follow-through.  Our fast-paced lifestyles have rendered card sending and note writing to be costly, inconvenient and time consuming.

But taking the time to send that “Thank you” card can give you a serious edge in the marketplace.  For less than $5.00/year, you can keep your customer happy and you front of mind when he has a need for more of your product or service or knows someone else who does.

Spend some time today to implement an Appreciation Marketing Strategy into your business.  You’ll be glad you did!