What is a Campaign?

What is a Campaign?One of the coolest features and a great benefit of SendOutCards is the concept called Campaigns.  There are many things you can do with a campaign.

First, let’s look at what a campaign is. A campaign is a system similar to an email autoresponder.

It allows you to set up a series of predefined cards to be sent to customers, friends, prospects, etc. at predefined intervals. These are physical cards sent in the mail.

So, for example:

I recently set up a campaign for my insurance agent. Every time he received a new client, he would plug them into his stay in touch campaign.

Then, immediately a card would go out to that client thanking them for their business and for trusting him for their insurance needs.

30 Days later another card went out saying just checking in to be sure you are happy with your insurance, and if you have any questions, please let us know. Also, there was a little blurb at the bottom saying, “We LOVE Referrals!”

And then 11 months later, a card would go out reminding them that their policy was about to renew, and let’s set an appointment to make sure that you still have the right policy for your needs.

We also set up a separate campaign for birthdays, so a birthday card would automatically go out for each client’s birthday.  We also sent birthday cards to their spouse and children.

Here’s another example:

Say you met with a client to promote your product or service. They decided they want to think about it. We can all respect that decision, right?  But what do you do now?  How do you follow-up?

Can you believe that 98% of salespeople do not send thank you cards to people they just made a presentation to? …Not even an email thank you card.

How do you think your future client would feel if he not only received an email from you, but also a real life thank you card in the mail?

This is a critical step in setting you up and someone who is different as someone who really cares about them and their business! But salespeople generally don’t take the extra effort to do that. Crazy!

But you are different! You are way above average! You understand how important it is to express thanks both through email and through postal mail. You know what an impact a paper card in the mail can make to your client.

So you can add your prospect to your email campaign which will drip a message to him/her regularly, and they are also in your SendOutCards campaign, where they will receive a physical greeting card at prescribed intervals.

With SendOutCards, you can even add a small inexpensive gift to your card… Something like brownies, or even a $5.00 Starbucks card with an offer to have a cup of coffee on you! Those are attention getters!

With all the spam email out there today, it is likely your prospect won’t even see your email. No so with a greeting card. They will take the time to open the card, read it, and even possibly place that card in a place where they can see it. You won’t see that with an email!

Also, if you have a company that would like to send out a mass mailing to hundreds or even thousands of customers/clients, SendOutCards campaigns are perfect for that. You can import all of your contacts into the system. Then create your card, click a button, and the card is on it’s way!

A SendOutCards Campaign is the tool to really make touching your clients and potential clients quickly and easily.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber


p.s.  Wait until you see how easy it is to send all your holiday cards!  No writing, no addressing, no licking, and no sticking!

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