Video Tour of Send Out Cards

Send Out Cards has made some changes to our card system lately that are going to make Send Out Cards a household name – much like Netflix.  By taking away the barriers to entry, our card system will quickly become mainstream and everyone will be using it.

There is a big market for our product.  Anyone can log in from anywhere in the world and create a custom card complete with their own graphics and pictures (you can even design your own card from scratch if you’d like). Send Out Cards will then print your card and mail it with a real postage stamp.   And you’ll get all this for about $1.00 per card.  Wow!  You can’t get that at Hallmark!

You can also add a gift to your card with just a click of your mouse.  Send Out Cards offers gifts ranging from gourmet foods (our Brownies are the #1 selling item), to books, CD’s, gift baskets, unique holiday gifts… and we even have a wide variety of gift cards.

With Send Out Cards, you have the ability to use the benefits of today’s digital world, and the ability to send an actual card (and a gift) to someone in the physical world – thereby bringing the two together.  We truly give you the opportunity to be high-touch and high-tech at the same time.

Watch the video tour of Send Out Cards to see how we make all this happen.

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