Video Cards

Send Out Cards just released a new product called Video Cards!  This is so exciting and will help everyone stay in touch in a wonderful unique way!

This is the next generation of greeting cards that uses video, web 2.0, smartphone technology and printed greeting cards. This amazing technology gives us the ability to generate and add a QR Code (Quick Response Code) to any postcard, 2-panel, 3-panel or BIG Card.  This combination of online and paper now allows a regular paper greeting card to easily become an interactive Video Card!

The card recipient uses a QR Reader app on a smartphone to scan the code. They are then taken to a personalized video that the card sender has created and hosted online.  The Video Card also generates a URL along with the QR Codes that can be typed in a web address bar to find the online video for those few who don’t yet have a smart phone.

Send Out Cards has already introduced  many new technologies and incredible features, but to me this is the most exciting!  Imagine a Realtor sending a card to a potential buyer with a video of a walk-thru of the house the Realtor wants to feature!  … or including a video of yourself signing to your mother who is deaf!  Even though the mother can read the card, imagine how much more personal that card is going to be with her daughter talking to her from the card!

I see so many uses for this new technology and can’t wait to see how my business growth explodes as a result!  Thank you Send Out Cards!  What an incredible feeling it is to have a business that not only earns us the income we can live on and the potential to earn even more, but also blesses us in so many ways!