The Thank You Card

Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, knew the importance of gratitude.  Mary Kay taught her sales representatives to send out three hand-written thank you notes every night before bed.  This not only helped Mary Kay to express gratitude to the people she did business with, but it also helped her maintain a positive attitude throughout the day as she looked for people to whom she was going to send one of these notes.

Tom Hopkins was another superstar who built his business on the power of Thank You notes.  At the age of nineteen, Tom quit his job as construction worker and started a real estate career.  He loved his new business, but six months into it he was earning less than $50 a month.  So Tom set out to learn everything he could about growing his business.  He developed a habit of sending out ten hand-written thank you cards every single day, and within the next five years he built his annual sales volume to over $14 million a year!  He credits his habit of sending cards for helping him to create a business that was built on 99% warm referrals!

Sending notes and cards is definitely not the only way to express gratitude, but it might be the best way.

A phone call is nice and an email does the trick, but once the phone is hung-up or the email is deleted memory tends to wane.  But there’s something about a heartfelt note or greeting card received in the mail that makes a person feel special.  And many times, greeting cards have a tendency to hang around for quite awhile since many people will keep them in a drawer or even on their desk.  When you get a personal letter or card from someone, it has a significant meaning to it.

Try it for 30 days.  Just send out one card each day expressing gratitude to someone in your life or your business.  Make it a point to include a message from your heart.  After 30 days, your life will be dramatically improved as a result of these cards and the process of sending them!  Of course I would love it if you’d try SendOutCards and we make it easy for you to do this. But even if not, make it a paper greeting card or note card in the mail with your heartfelt message, and the results will be the same.  Do yourself a favor!  Try it today!