The Month Before Christmas

The Night Before ChristmasTwas the month before Christmas and all through the land, the need to send cards was in high demand.  I sat with my boxed cards purchased two years before, and I knew I’d be writing till my poor hands were sore.

The hubby was nestled all snug on the couch, writing cards, “not his thing”, it made him a grouch. So I sat in my jammies, all prepared for the chore, while hubby was sleeping and beginning to snore.

When out on the street there arose such a noise, I jumped from my chair, totally lacking in poise! I ran to the door to find the commotion, and there she stood with a novel promotion.

Those boxed cards are cheesy and the price way to high.  What on earth were you thinking she said with a sigh.  Send Out Cards has the answer she said with a smile.  Doing them by hand, well that’s just old style!

We print, stuff, stamp and mail them with one simple click.  In a time that’s so fast it would rival St. Nick!  You can add your own writing and that sleeping guy’s too.  You can send gifts and gift cards and add pics of aunt Sue.

She pulled out her laptop and in the blink of an eye, Logged on to her website and said, “give it a try.”  I saw the selection and sent two free cards.  Impressed by the ease and the reasonable charge.

She said not a word and allowed me to play.  This SendOutCards rocks, I could do this all day!  She said, “My name’s Lynn, I’m your Send Out Cards girl.  I knew you would love it, why not give it a whirl.”

She showed me my options, explained each to a tee.  And I knew how much easier this Yuletide would be.  And I heard her exclaim as she left in the night  “A new happy card sender, my job’s out-of-sight!”

-Written by Linda Farmer-

What a great way to send some love and show someone how special they are.  Try it here!  Watch the video and send a couple of cards on me.  You’ll be glad you did!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber


p.s.  Happy Holidays to you!

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  1. AWESOME!! will be reading at my next presentation which just happened to feature Thanksgiving cards, Christmas cards and gifts.

    Thank you soooooooooooo much.

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