The Easy Way to Send Cards

People are surprised to learn that I send an average of 4-10 cards per week.  Sounds crazy, right?

How do I do it?  It’s easy because I use Send Out Cards to send all my cards.  Send Out Cards gives me the option to specify what date they will be mailed, so I can sit down when I have time and schedule all my birthday and anniversary cards for the next couple of weeks.  I can grab some of their pictures from Facebook to make the cards ultra personal, and my contact manager keeps track of everyone’s address so I don’t have to take the time to look it up.

Richard and I love to travel, especially cruise.  We’ve started having someone take a picture of us on the Mayan ruins (or wherever we are), and then when we get back to the ship, we add the picture on the front of a postcard and send them out to all our friends.  There are several advantages to this:  the postcard has us on the place of interest rather than just a pretty picture, the message on the back is in my handwriting (another benefit of SendOutCards), and the postcard gets to the U.S. in days rather than weeks.  In the past when we’ve sent postcards from out of the country, it has taken months for the postcards to be delivered – if we’ve even been able to find postage to mail them.

Let’s say that your son just got braces, you snap a picture at the dentist office, click a couple of buttons and bang! The grandparents now have a mailed postcard of little Johnny with a mouth full of braces to put on their fridge!

Now some people may ask, “Why don’t you just text, email or post the pictures to Facebook?”  Well I can do that and I do.  But isn’t it exciting to get mail in the mailbox that isn’t a bill?  Getting a custom personalized card in the mail just has so much more meaning than a text that’s deleted as soon as it’s read.  And my card, with it’s pictures, is much more likely to hang around on the desk or the refrigerator!