Thank You

What do you say Thank You for?  Of course the easy answer is: for Everything!

As children, we’re constantly being taught to say Please and Thank You.  As a child, we naturally want everything and everything revolves around us.  But our parents work hard to teach us manners.

Remember how impressed you were the last time you witnessed a young child using manners?

Eventually, somebody gets the point!  And invariably, the please part gets overused… even annoying.  But nobody ever gets tired of Thank You!

The person who gets it where Appreciation Marketing is concerned is creative when it comes to the subject of Thank You.  Not only is he automatic in expressing the expected thank yous, but he’s constantly finding ways to convey the unexpected thanks yous that have far more impact.

Think about it.  You expect a thank you when you give somebody a gift or go out of our way in some capacity.  But how often do you receive a thank you from somebody for something small or even something profound?

A “something small” could be: Thank you for meeting me for coffee.  Something “profound” might be: Thank you for being a positive influence on my life or my business career.

In either case, the expected thank yous are important – but they are expected.  However it’s unexpected gratitude that sets you apart as an extraordinary human being.  It’s the type of appreciation that creates warm feelings toward you and is then passed along to others.