Super-Size Big Cards

Send Out Cards did it again! Better yet, they absolutely outdid themselves this time…in a BIG way!


This new product is going to be HUGE!  If you have been looking at SendOutCards, 2011 is going to bring even more products and announcements.

Sending a card to someone to express the way you feel can make a huge difference in someone’s life or put a smile on their face.  But sometimes a regular card just isn’t enough.

What do you do when your feelings are so strong, or your love is so huge that nothing seems quite able to really show your true feelings?  What if you particularly want to make a really BIG impression?

You Super-Size it by sending a Send out Cards BIG card!

Send Out Cards just launched a new product called the BIG Card!

Now when you really want to make an impression, or show someone how really important they are to you just send them a Send Out Cards BIG Card which will make a BIG impression and create BIG smiles!

Now you can send the people you care about a:

BIG I Love You

BIG Apology

BIG Happy Birthday

BIG Happy Anniversary

BIG Congratulations

BIG Get Well

BIG I Miss You

BIG Happy Holidays

BIG Wedding Invitation

BIG Baby Announcement

BIG Graduation Announcement

BIG Party Invitation

BIG Hint

BIG Just Because…

Now, if those weren’t enough, Cody Bateman CEO of Send Out Cards shared even more reasons on his special broadcast Saturday….

When Does It Really Matter To Send A BIG Card?

“When Value Really Matters …send a BIG Card”

“When the Message Really Matters …send a BIG Card”

“When Memories Really Matter…send a BIG Card”

“When Your Image Really Matters …send a BIG Card”

“When an Impact Really Matters …send a BIG Card”

“When Someone Special Really Matters…send them a BIG Card”

Reasons enough for me.  I’m off to send my very first Send Out Cards BIG card to someone special.