SendOutCards Sets New Records

I was blown away when I read the following press release from SOC corporate.

SendOutCards is pleased to announce that this wonderful season of giving has resulted in new records being set thanks to each and every SendOutCards customer and distributor! Cards and gifts are going out so fast that we are making multiple pulls a day of thousands of cards each just to keep up! These multiple pulls a day are actually the reason our numbers reported in T.E.S.A have been different than our actual daily totals. Below you’ll find some numbers that are sure to bring some holiday cheer.

Spread the word about these new records and keep spreading the holiday joy! We send our gratitude to all of you!

New Records Set in 2010 Past Record
640,000 Cards Printed in 24 hours 405,000
12,583 Gifts Sent in 24 hours 6,933
5 Cards Printer Per Second 4
1.1 Million Cards Sent in 3 day period This is more than any month in 2010 (except November)
$473,000 Spent in Postage in 3 day period $375,000


December 9 through December 15 Totals
Website Visits 465,563
Unique Visitors to the Website 173,209
Web Site Page Views 6,308, 165
Time on Website 107,419.1 (hours)


These numbers are Amazing, when you look back at the history of Send Out Cards only 150,000 cards were sent out for the entire year of 2004.  The growth of SendOutCards over the past three plus years has been incredible and I can’t wait to see what next year brings.