SendOutCards for Moms

Attention all Moms!  SendOutCards is here – have you seen all that we can do for you?

We know you’re really busy!  Between diapers, and formula, and getting the kids off to school, and then being a taxi driver afterwards who has time to get to the store, buy a card, write in it, get a stamp, and get it in the mailbox?  No wonder most of your well intentioned cards don’t get sent.

SendOutCards makes it easy for you.  Just log into your account, pick your card, type in your message and we’ll do the rest – SendOutCards will print the card, put it in an envelope, address the envelope, put a stamp on it and get it in the mailbox by the very next day!

And the best part… Your kids can be the star of your card.  Grandparents and other family members want more pictures of your kids.  How easy it is to upload a picture of your daughter in her Halloween costume and put it on the front of a card, type your message and click send.

You will be amazed.  It only takes a few minutes to send a card.  Try it today!  Your card will be printed, stuffed, and stamped tonight, and will be in the mail tomorrow morning.

What are you waiting for – This is just what you were looking for!  Try it now at