Sendcere Misc Questions

What is Sendcere?

Here are some questions that many people are asking about how Sendcere works – mostly in relation to what happens when a new customer goes to Sendcere.

How does Sendcere work with a Gift Account Walkthrough?

A gift account walkthrough and a new user through Sendcere work completely different. If you want a user to see a gift account walkthrough you will need to direct them to your marketing page to view the videos. If the person sends a card through Sendcere they will not see anything related to the gift account walkthrough.

Will I be notified when I get a new customer through Sendcere so I can follow up with them?

Yes, you will receive the same notification that you do for customers now.

Will new Sendcere customers be sent any kind of a welcome email from SendOutCards? If so, will the customer be given my contact information so they can contact me if they have questions or need assistance?

Yes, they will receive the same training emails that your current customers get.

Will Sendcere customers have any way of learning about our business opportunity?

You will need to introduce them to this, as they will only receive customer-training emails from SendOutCards.

What happens to someone who goes directly to who does not already have a SendOutCards Account?

They will be able to browse cards on Sendcere. Once they choose an action such as “Favorite”, “Collect” or “Send” on any card on Sendcere, they will be prompted to create an account (Name, Email, User Name and Password). Since the new customer does not have a Sponsor for them to be tied to, they will be placed in an “Orphan Account” unless a distributor who sent them to Sendcere claims them as their Customer. The revenue from this orphan account will fund the Monthly Manager Bonus Pool so everyone who qualifies for a share will benefit.

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p.s.  Anyone in the world can use and send cards from Sendcere!  You don’t have to be a customer and you can just send one card if you want!

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