Send Unexpected Personalized Cards That WOW People!

Looking for a way to stay in touch that doesn’t take much time, but has the biggest impact?  Send Out Cards Personalized Greeting Cards could be your answer!

Today, people receive very little in their mailbox that’s worth looking at – maybe a few bills, and lots of junk mail.  When they receive a card, especially one that’s personalized for them, it can be an exciting event!

People tend to hang on to Greeting Cards more often anyway, but especially when they are personalized – having meaningful photos on the front or inside cover and words that speak from the heart.  These cards can sit on a shelf in someone’s office, prominently displayed for years!

Can you imagine being the recipient of a card like this? From a company that you’ve purchased from or someone you just met at an event? It’s powerful.  Let me take you through an idea that can help you with relationship building.

What you need to implement this strategy:

  1. A Facebook account (cost: FREE)
  2. A Send Out Cards account (cost: $10-31/month).  For more information about having an account, click here.
  3. One hour per month

Here’s what you do:

Make it a habit to collect addresses – from everyone, customers, potential customers or partners, and even those who are currently business partners.

Connect on Facebook with customers, clients, prospects, partners… invite them to connect with you!

Create special lists on Facebook that will help you to specifically track updates from these people so that their updates don’t get lost in the sea of status updates in your newsfeed. Here are the instructions on Facebook on how to create these lists:

how to create a list on facebook

 With one click on your list, you can see what’s happening with the people you’re seeking to strengthen your relationship with. Look out for significant events:  job changes, new children, new grandchildren, weddings, engagements, and other significant accomplishments.

Send a card when you see something significant!  And use PHOTOS from their Facebook photo albums in your cards! You can also send cards for holidays. For example, I sent out Mother’s Day cards to select customers and was able to grab pictures of the customers with their children for the card.

Creating a card with SendOutCards takes just a few minutes and it makes a big impact on those who receive it. SendOutCards will print it, stuff it, stamp it, and mail it for you (plus you can try it out for free here to see how it works).

When you meet people at events, take pictures with them and selectively send cards after the event that include the photo you took along with a personalized note about how much you loved meeting them and looking forward to continuing to develop a relationship.  Powerful.

 This Doesn’t Have To Be Time Consuming

You may be thinking that you don’t have time for this.  But if you get your lists setup and allocate about one hour each month, this can be totally doable.  Sending even just 5-15 cards each month will help you build much stronger relationships in your life and business.

Photos are absolutely not necessary when you’re sending cards, but taking the time to find and include photos can make all the difference in the world.  If you can’t find a picture, a simple personalized message will also work.  The key is getting the words out of your heart and putting them on the card.  Once you learn how to do that effectively, you’ll be way ahead of the relationship game.