Send Out Cards to Give

If you are a business person, then sending hand written greeting cards can dramatically increase your business.   Custom Greeting Cards can strengthen your relationships with current employees, customers, clients and partners.   In fact I can guarantee that if you send at least 2 unexpected cards per day, 5 days a week for 6 months,  your business will increase by at least 20% or I will pay for your cards for the entire 6 months.

With employees and partners, you can send a card to thank them for all the great work they’ve done.  You can also send a birthday card to let them know you appreciate them, but any time is a great time to let your employees know they are appreciated – no need to wait for a special occasion.  When you send out this type of appreciation, you’ll see increases in your employee’s loyalty to your company, and in their hard work and dedication.

With Clients and Customers, what better way to say Thank You?  When you send a hand-written Thank You card to your customer, it keeps your company in the top of their mind.  People do business with those they know, like and trust and you’ll quickly be right in that category in your customers’ minds.  Be sure to send personal cards as well as marketing messages.  There is a place for those marketing messages, but what I’m talking about here is genuine appreciation for being your customer.  Think about yourself as you’re sorting through your mail.  Anything that is a marketing message usually ends up in the trash, right?  But a personal card letting them know you’re thinking about them will most likely be kept for awhile.  And once they know you care, they’ll be more likely to read your marketing messages as well.

One of the things I love best about Send Out Cards is that they make it so easy to send a heartfelt message as soon as you feel the need to do so.  Just log into the website, pick your card, type your personal message, and Send Out Cards will print the card in your handwriting, with your own signature, put it in an envelope with a real stamp, and mail the card for you.  It couldn’t be easier!  You can even use the SendOutCards system to reward your best clients with a Starbucks Gift Card, special coupon or whatever is right for your business. It’s all part of the program! Ready to start “Appreciating?”

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