Send Out Cards Helps Me to Make an Impression!

Send Out Cards makes it easy to manage relationships.


With our lives as busy as they are and the hustle and bustle of the world today, it is so easy to forget a birthday, anniversary or special occasion.

There are many database management service out there such as Microsoft Outlook, Act, Goldmine, etc. and these all work to keep track of dates.  But Send Out Cards has really made it easy for me to stay on top of my relationships.  I can load the names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, anniversary dates, kids’ birthdates, dogs’ birthdates, and all sorts of information into the Send Out Cards database.  I can add special campaigns to the system that will automatically generate a card with a personal message (wishing everyone a happy spring, special announcements about a client or team picnic in the park, or Holiday cards… you can even do wedding announcements or party invitations).  More importantly, I get reminders to send a card 7-10 days before it needs to be sent so I am never late with a card to a special person which includes a a special message which comes from my heart.  I can also send an assortment of gifts using my Send Out Cards account, all I need to do is request the gift through the catalog.  The best thing about this service is that with gas prices approaching $4.00 a gallon in some parts of the country; I can send a card for around $1.00 plus postage which is still 44 cents.  So for less than $1.50 you can send a personalized card in your own words.  If you submit your own handwriting template; that card will come in your own handwriting too!!

I encourage you to look at Send Out Cards as an option to improve your relationships with your past, present, and future clients, friends, family, and anyone that you feel is in need of an uplifting item arriving in their mailbox.

Trust your instincts and just send out a card when someone’s name comes into your mind.  So many times, I have sent a card to someone and when I heard back from them, my card came at the perfect time when it was most needed.  That’s the power of a prompting!

If you want to experience what it is like to select, create, and send a card I am offering you a chance to send as many as 2 cards to someone special, I’ll pay the postage too.  Look at the more than 15,000 cards to choose from and how they can be customized for your special message.  Watch the videos and see that there is a reason for this service and how it will increase your business, your presence, and you life.

Send Out Cards may or may not be for you, but you won’t know for sure until you try!

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