Harvey Mackay Loves Send Out Cards

Send Out Cards had a surprise guest at Phoenix Treat ‘em Right.


Eric Worre, a Send Out Cards Distributor, called his good friend Harvey Mackay who actually lives in Arizona and invited him to come to the event and speak. Harvey is a renowned speaker and author of “Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive!” He’s so excited about Send Out Cards! And, although he has never endorsed an MLM company before, he has fully endorsed Send Out Cards.

His fast-paced presentation was amazing. Tidbits of wisdom like, “If it is to be it’s up to me” and “People don’t care how much you know about them until they know how much you care” came pouring at us.

Harvey Mackay has written extensively on the importance of showing gratitude when running your business, of placing your customers first.

Consider some of Harvey’s ideas:

  • Customer loyalty is the most valuable asset a business can have and the hardest to earn.
  • The customer relationship is like marriage-small shows of sensitivity and awareness maintain spice.
  • The personal touch is so rare a commodity today it becomes a standout.

How true these are. It is the little things, the sincere thoughts that really make the difference. He has written of the importance that a note or card made in the building of his million dollar business. And this has never been more true than today.

Send Out Cards makes it easy to show that appreciation which will help you stand out with your customers and clients.