Send Cards From Your Heart

It is so wonderful that we have a business that makes people feel good.  Isn’t it great to make a living by sending good out into the world!  We all have too much negative in our lives, and we have the ability to put a smile on someone’s face.

Whether you’re using SendOutCards to build an income with a home based business, or using it as a tool to support your business, once you learn to put your heart into a card your entire business, and your life will change.

Have you ever received a greeting card in the mail that took you by surprise? It wasn’t a bill; it wasn’t direct mail; it wasn’t your credit card company’s privacy policy. It was a greeting card-and it includes a personal message. It probably made you feel good to receive kind words written by someone you know.

I just wanted to share a card with you that my husband, Richard, created.  We recently bought a treadmill from Sears.  The salesman, John, offered us an option to have it assembled for a low price.  We opted not to purchase that service because we wanted to be able to use it right away.  And we joked with John that we hoped it didn’t have too many pieces.

We got home and Richard got the treadmill assembled without too much problem.  But he took a couple of pictures as he went, and then sat down and sent a card to John, thanking him for taking such good care of us.  Here is the inside of the card Richard sent to him.


At the heart of Send Out Cards is it’s Send Out to Give philosophy, which means you send to show appreciation, not expecting something in return.   Can you imagine the smile on John’s face when he opened that card?  We may or may not ever see him again, but we know that for just a few minutes we brightened his day.  That is what SendOutCards is all about!

The BEST WAY to learn about our custom greeting card company is to try it for free and send a couple of cards on me.  Once you’re done sending, call Lynn & Richard at 805-323-5850.