Our Journey

Lynn & RichardThanks for stopping by.  Before we continue, I would like to introduce myself and my husband Richard so you will know a little more about us and how we can work together.

First, it’s important to know that both Richard and I are very normal, ordinary people.  I have a little college, but mostly I clawed my way through several companies, starting from the position of Office Clerk, all the way to Buyer, and finally to Marketing Manager of a large Food Distributor.  Richard does have a BA degree, but he also worked his way up from store clerk all the way to Store Manager.   We both come from a middle class background and neither of us is afraid of hard work.

As you’ll read elsewhere in this website, we started Network Marketing by chance, primarily because we were just looking for a way to pay for a Square Dance website that was my passion.  We were successful with that company beyond our wildest dreams.  So I “retired” from my Marketing Manager Job, and Richard stepped back to Receiving Clerk and we primarily work our Network Marketing Business Full time.

If I had to explain how we are achieving the success we are, I would have to say it is our commitment and focus.  We make it a point to do something every day to work on our business.  The word “try” is not in our vocabulary.  When we make a commitment, we see it through.  No matter how long or painful the process is, we do not give up!  We believe that when you make a commitment, you honor it!

The road hasn’t been an easy one.  We’ve met many obstacles and problems along the way.  Yes, there have been times when we’ve wanted to quit, but we just keep moving forward and eventually we overcame whatever the current obstacle was.  Believe it or not, the obstacles are actually the stepping stones to the growth we’ve achieved.  Those are the times we learned the most and came back stronger.

So, maybe we can help you in your journey.  Obstacles will never go away, and we need to embrace them, but Richard and I can help you with our experience and make the journey a little easier for you.  We look forward to working together with you as you start your journey of having your own successful home business.