New Tools Make Being a Distributor So Much Easier

SendOutCards just keeps making it easier for us to be successful as a Distributor.  They have so many tools for us to use; and the more we use their tools, the more successful we are.  The tools make it easier for us to share the SendOutCards opportunity with people we meet.

For instance they just created a new video called Moving From Brick & Mortar to Click & Order.  This is a wonderful video which shows our card system and includes a vision statement from our CEO, Kody Bateman; as well as the ability to hear from some distributors about what the SendOutCards opportunity means to them.

You can see the new video here:

On the video, Margie Aliprandi tells us that people who have watched the video usually fall into one of three categories:

1 – They’re not interested.

2 – They are interested in learning more about being a SendOutCards Customer

3 – They are interested in learning more about being a SendOutCards Distributor

Any of these options are fine.  We know there are all kinds of people and everyone’s situation is unique to them.

So… please do me a favor.  Fill out the form below and tell me which one you are?  Number 1, 2, or 3.  And then I’ll be happy to help you get the information to move forward if that’s something you’re interested in.


By Lynn Huber