Moving our SendOutCards Business to Another State

Richard and I recently made the decision to move to Salt Lake City, Utah.  I was born and raised here.  We loved Ventura, CA and had many friends there, but I wanted to be near my family so I could spend more time with them.  Once we made the decision to move, it was amazing how quickly and easily it was.

My business never skipped a beat!  The cool thing about our SendOutCard business is that it can be handled completely with a phone and laptop – no matter where I am.  I didn’t really even have to give it too much thought!  Imagine creating a business that gives you the freedom to unplug your laptop; move your home to another state; plug back in and never skip a beat in your business!  We have that!

You can learn more about our journey and how this all came about here on my personal blog.

Below is an interview I did with Jackie Ulmer about my move.  Enjoy…


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