It’s Never Too Late for a Thank You Card

So you forgot to say Thank You.  It happens to the best of us.

Maybe you received a gift and you meant to send a special thank you card, so you didn’t say anything to thank the person verbally.  Then, time went by and it slipped your mind.  Suddenly you see that person in the grocery store and you remember that you forgot to thank them.  You’re so embarrassed you pretend not to see them.

So, now you get home and wonder what to do.  Fact is, it’s never too late to send a Thank You card.  The best thing to do at this time would be to send the Thank You card, and apologize for it being a little late.  Be honest, and tell them you’ve been thinking about them and you appreciated their gesture so much that you wanted to do something really special for them but time got in the way.  They’ll welcome your honesty and you’ll come out a star.

What if I was your customer and I purchased something from your company website.  I could have gotten it from any other Representative, but I chose yours because we were friends.  I’m excited because I know I did something that would help you out and you’d get commission from my sale.  But if you never acknowledged my order, over time I would get disillusioned, thinking my order did not matter to you.  This is not where you want your customer’s thoughts to go.  A quick Thank You card could have made all the difference – even though it might have been late.

When it comes to gratitude, late is a hundred times better than never.