It’s Not Too Late for Holiday Cards!

Christmas is just three weeks away and counting.  Many people struggle with what to do – send an actual physical card or an eCard greeting.  Interestingly enough, we are in the midst of a technological revolution and the internet really has become our information highway, or in many cases, the way we in which to send our good wishes.

Many people wonder why they should spend the time and money for cards and postage when an eCard will suffice.  Snail mail seems old fashioned to many.  But I propose to do it the Old Fashioned Way!

Instead of sending a last minute “Merry Christmas” text or eCard, take the time to actually fill out those cards and really make someone’s holiday season with your own heartfelt message.  Sometimes it seems that technology is taking away our ability to simply reach out and build relationships.  We all seem to be hiding behind our computer screen.  But you would be surprised at how many people truly appreciate something as simple as a hand-written note and card in the mail.

With SendOutCards, you can have the best of both worlds.  You can go online and pick your card (just like an eCard) from over 15,000 cards, type your own personal heartfelt message, add pictures if you’d like and then Send Out Cards will make you a hero by printing the card with your own handwriting and signature and putting a stamp on it, and actually mailing it for you (much better than an eCard).

So this holiday season, set your phone aside and take a few minutes out of your busy day to go that extra mile.  A card is something most people will keep for years – especially if it has pictures in it.  How long is that text message or eCard going to stay in their inbox?

So make a memorable impression and show your friends and family how special they really are to you.  Imagine their surprise when they go the mailbox and see a card – in the mail – from you!  Happy Holidays!