Is Send Out Cards the new NetFlix?

How would you like to have a small commission on every movie watched by Netflix viewers all around the world? What if you had that chance with another product?


Here’s a little story about Netflix. See how it compares with SendOutCards. There is still a chance for you with a business of your own.
10 years ago no one had really heard of Netflix. Today Netflix sends out, on average, 1.9 MILLION movies a day and is considered a household name, mainly because of word of mouth.

Netflix was started by two guys out of a garage with an idea to make movies more convenient and cheaper to rent. It’s not that Blockbuster or all the other video rental companies have done anything wrong, it’s just that companies like Netflix have come along and found an easier, cheaper way to do it.

In 2009, Netflix grossed over $850 million in revenue and had profits in excess of $100 million.

Now knowing what you know today about Netflix, if 10 years ago someone would have given you the opportunity to invest a few hundred dollars with Netflix and get paid every time you referred someone to the website and they rented a movie, would you have done it?

What Netflix is to the movie industry, SendOutCards is to the greeting card industry.

SendOutCards was started by two guys out of a garage in 2004. They had an idea that people would actually go to their computers, choose a greeting card, type a message and hit send. Then SOC would actually print that card out, stuff it in an envelope, put the address on along with an actual postage stamp, and send it out for about a dollar a card. Well, one year and about $900,000 later they realized it worked!

In 2006, SendOutCards grossed about $10.5 million; in 2007 around $25 million; and in 2008, almost $50 million. The best part is you can actually become part of this company and get paid when you send cards and help others do the same! Where will you be a year from now?

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