How do I Send a Campaign?

How do I Send a Campaign?First off, let’s talk about what a campaign is… A campaign is just a saved card or a series of cards.

I use a single card campaign to send out my Christmas and Birthday cards, and a multiple card campaign to follow up with my customers and prospects.

You can also use a campaign to send out party invitations or a baby shower, for example.

Here are the steps to send a campaign:

1. From your Main Menu click the “Contacts” link at the top of the page.

2. To send a campaign to a group, select the group at the bottom of the page and click the “Find Contact” button. If you only wish to send the campaign to one individual, just search for that one person using one of the fields under Find a Contact and then clicking on the “Find Contact” button.

3. Once you have group (or individual) listed, un-check anyone you don’t want to send the campaign to. The campaign will only be sent to people that are checked in this list.

4. At the top left will click on Select Campaign drop-down menu and pick the campaign you want to be sent.

5. Click on the “Send Campaign to Checked” button.

6. A confirmation of how much the campaign is going to cost in points and postage will appear. If you have enough points and postage you can either continue by clicking the “Yes” button or cancel by pressing the “No” button.

7. If you do not have enough points and postage you will be prompted to purchase more. This will open a new tab or window and take you to the Purchase Products page. Once you are finished you can return to sending the campaign.

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p.s.  Here’s a great idea.  Create a Campaign for Men’s Birthday, and another one for Women’s Birthday.  Now the card is ready to go, and when you get birthday reminders you can just send the campaign.  Having a separate one for men and women helps ensure that husband and wife don’t get the same card from you during the year!

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