How Do I Import My Contacts

How Do I Import my Contacts?It can be exhausting to look up each address when sending a card. With our Contact Manager you can store all of your addresses in one place. When sending a card, simply select an address that’s been saved and we’ll do the rest.

Before you can import your contacts you will need to have your contacts in an Excel readable format. If they are not currently in Excel you should be able to export them from your current contact management tool (Outlook, ACT, etc) into Excel.

1. Open your contacts in Excel.

2. Be sure that you have a column heading in row 1 of each column. It should contain the following column headers with the appropriate information below each column (*required field): *First Name, *Last Name, Company Name, Email Address, *Address 1, Address 2, *City, *State, *Zip, Country (required if outside the US), Work Phone, Home Phone, Fax Number, Cell Number, Pager Number, Birthday, Anniversary, Spouse’s Name, Spouse’s Birthday, **Group

**If you are importing your contacts into a group you will also need to create a group in SendOutCards under the “Contacts” and then “Groups” link. In Excel you should have a column heading called Group and in all the cells below the name of the group you will be importing into. The group name is case sensitive! Be sure the group name is listed the same in SendOutCards and on your Excel spreadsheet.

3. Once the document is formatted go to File and Save As.

4. The File Type should be changed to Text (tab delimited).

5. Give the file a new name and save the file somewhere you will be able to easily locate, for example on the desktop.

6. Once the document has been saved, go to the SendOutCards Main Menu and click on the “Contacts” link.

7. Now click on the “Import Contacts” link found on the bottom of the page.

8. Click the “Choose File” button and find the Text (tab delimited) file you saved, and then click the “Upload File” button.

9. Click on the drop-down arrows that read “Not In File” to view your column headings.

10. Match your column headings to the areas on the left.

11. Enter a name for the upload under “Profile Name.”

12. Click “Update Profile.” A sample of your upload will appear, verify that this information is correct.

13. Click on “Import Entire File.”

14. You will be taken to the Main Menu and receive a message that says, “Your contacts have been imported successfully.” Your contacts are now in the Contact Manager.

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