Greeting Cards as a Marketing Tool

My mother always taught us that it was important to write Thank You cards whenever we received a gift, such as on our birthday or Christmas.  It was the proper way to show appreciation for their thoughtfulness.

In today’s busy world, this seems to have fallen along the wayside.  People are showing appreciation by text message or eCards, if at all.  It’s important that we take the time to get back to basics with a simple heartfelt card.

Send Out Cards teaches us that we need to act on our promptings.  Whenever someone comes into our mind we should reach out and let them know they are being thought of and we appreciate them in our lives.  Generally when someone comes into your mind, there is a reason and if we don’t act on the thought, we may not always get the chance to do so again.  And the more we pay attention to those promptings, the more we will receive them.

Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated?  Sending heartfelt cards to your customers, clients, family and friends using written words pictures and gifts can make you really stand out in today’s economy.  Truth is… it’s not so important how many people you know.  Rather, what’s most important is whose name comes into your customer’s mind when they need a product or service or are ready to give a referral!

Sending just 3-4 cards per year can make a HUGE difference in your business.  You’ll be surprised at how much your business will grow when you just take the time out to let your customers know you care.

At Send Out Cards, we make it easy:

  1. We do all the hard work for you – we address the envelopes, stuff, stamp, seal and mail them directly to your clients – saving you time and money!
  2. Our contact manager makes it easy to stay in touch with everyone you know or do business with.  Whether you need to send one or 1,000 cards, an easy click of a button will ensure you will never forget another important date again.
  3. We have many different gifts to choose from which can be included with your cards. Our biggest seller is our delicious brownies.

Send a couple of free cards on us to test out the system.  Just go to and watch the quick 3-minute video.  Then click on “Send a Free Card” to start your no-obligation trial account.  Why not give us a try today!