Dr. Ivan Misner Talks About Networking Meetings

This morning I was on a Conference call with Dr. Ivan Misner.  He gave us a lot of fabulous tips on how to increase our success in receiving referrals from Networking Meetings.

He talked about the Mindset of Networking and explained how we get from Invisible to Profitable.  There are three main stages we need to reach:

  • Visibility: People know who you are and what you do, to
  • Credibility:  People know who you are, what you do, and that you’re good at it, to
  • Profitability:  People know who you are, what you do, that you’re good at it, and they refer business to you on a regular basis.

You must go through each step of the process.  If you push too hard you will ruin the relationship.  He gave us ideas about how to get through each step to become profitable.

He also spent some time on the skills that will help you have the most success in networking meetings.  Here is a recording of the call.



Please take a few minutes to listen to this call, and share your thoughts below.  If you find this helpful, please share on your social networks.