Do Your Customers Actually Like You?

Sometimes we get so mixed up in our busy lives.  We’re so ambitious.  We’re so busy looking for new business and trying to build new relationships that we forget to take care of our existing business and foster our existing relationships.

A 2000 Yale University study showed that the majority of today’s successful business leaders attained their edge through likeability.  They make it a habit to treat their customers, employees, colleagues, and associates with respect and they get the same in return.

Studies have shown that success in the workplace is directly correlated to popularity.  People who get the big promotions, the nicer offices, and the bigger opportunities are the people who are liked.

So what does this all mean?  If you want to figure out a way to grow a never-ending continuously growing, flourishing business, then you need to think like an educated consumer (aka human being), instead of an eager businessperson.  Make it a point to internalize what every consumer thinks…

“I’d be happy to do business with you… if only I liked you!”